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Kenya’s Masai Mara is one of the most famous and iconic safari destinations in the world. During the Easter weekend in 2017, we took a family road trip out to the Mara.

I thought about how best to tell this story and I’ve decided to try something a little different. They say that a photo is worth a thousand words. Well, since I have literally hundreds of photos from the trip, I thought why not create a photo diary, instead of writing it.

The only challenge was selecting the best ones to publish here! There’s still quite a few… but with a place as beautiful as the Mara, words alone simply cannot do it justice. But, I’d love to hear what you think; please let me know if you like the concept in the comments at the end.

Here goes…


The road trip


Many visitors choose to fly to the Mara, as the road trip can be long and dusty! However, travelling by road is an epic experience in itself. It gives a glimpse into many sights and scenes that you would simply miss out on otherwise. Here’s what I’m talking about…

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Kichwa Tembo (by andBeyond)


After several hours on the road, we arrived at our base – the luxurious and secluded Kichwa Tembo. We were met with a warm welcome before exploring the camp. Accommodation comprises three styles of luxury safari tents. There is also a pool, restaurant and entertainment – not to mention the truly breathtaking views across into the Mara Reserve. For those arriving by plane, Kichwa Tembo is served by a private air strip, with flights taking an easy one hour from Nairobi.

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Morning game drive


One of the most magical experiences is an early game drive, as the sun is rising across the Mara. This is often one of the best times to see the wildlife and it’s just a beautiful experience. Here’s a few photos from our morning drive. You will notice the Mara River water is very low – this was following a period of intense drought across the region.

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Relaxing at camp


Guests often return from the early morning drives for breakfast. A second mid-morning game drive is then usually available before lunch. Families may choose to be more flexible with the game drives. A private or self drive tour may provide additional flexibility and is often better for families with younger children. It’s worth discussing your requirements with your travel company, when booking. Between game drives, there’s time to relax and enjoy the facilities. It’s a chance to continue soaking up as much of the natural surroundings as possible. Children can enjoy the pool and take photos of their own – there’s even wildlife in the camp!

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Afternoon game drive


Here are some photos from our afternoon game drives. As you will see, there’s still plenty of animals to spot in the afternoon. The heat can be intense, so taking plenty of water and sun protection is recommended. Afternoon game drives usually last several hours, heading back into camp as the sun sets.

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The highlight of my first Mara experience was all the amazing lion sightings we had – including a pride of lions and cubs with a fresh kill. We all enjoyed watching the majestic animals in the natural surroundings, just lazing around in the late afternoon sun.

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View the video slideshow


Here’s a video slideshow of the experience!

That’s all for now!


Thanks for viewing – I hope you enjoyed taking this visual tour with us.

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