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Hi, my name is Ayaan Chitty. Thanks for stopping by and a warm welcome to Travel Tribe Africa.

Let me give you some insights into what this site is all about, what you can expect to learn as well as a bit about myself.

First off, why Africa?

Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, terrorism, war, famine, poverty, dictatorships, murder, crime, corruption, AIDs, ebola, slums, mud huts or to quote the words of Donald Trump, “shit hole” countries, may well be one view people have of Africa.

Thanks to the media and Hollywood movies, this view has become a sterotype that has created an extremely negative impression in people’s minds.

Another view may be safaris, elephants, lions, giraffes, pyramids, souks, colourful tribes, beaches, desert, wide open savannahs, Mount Kilimanjaro or Table Mountain.

If I asked you to write down what comes to mind when someone says ‘Africa’ it would most probably fall on either side of the coin but would almost certainly conjure up images of some of those things mentioned above.

But there must be more to an entire continent that is larger than the United States, Canada and China combined, comprising 54 independent countries, home to more than a billion unique individuals and in excess of 2,000 native languages than that, right?

That’s exactly what you will discover here.

We will be unveiling the curtain and featuring the real story of Africa and how you can become part of it.

So, my mission is to try and convey the true splendour and opportunities that Africa presents to the world through tourism, while being open, honest and transparent about the challenges that the continent faces.

This blog is not about documenting a 12 month trip across the world or even across Africa.

I will never in my lifetime be able to write about everything the African continent has to offer but I will make it a mission to tell as many stories and share as many experiences as possible.

I will be starting by focusing on just one African country which is a popular and growing tourist destination. That country is Kenya.

Family Travel Blog - Travel Tribe Africa
Family Travel Blog - Travel Tribe Africa
Family Travel Blog - Travel Tribe Africa

So what is Travel Tribe Africa?

My vision for Travel Tribe Africa is for it to become the most comprehensive and compelling family travel blog about Kenya and I invite you to join me on this exciting journey. Through Travel Tribe Africa, I have a purpose to document my travels, thoughts and experiences, while sharing them with you, in a unique and meaningful way.

Travel Tribe Africa is the place for you to learn about everything Kenya can offer travellers, especially for couples and families who are open minded and keen to indulge in unique experiences, learn about cultures and traditions and be part of Kenya’s future development.

As a family man and scuba diving instructor, there will naturally be a lot to share with you about family travel meeting Africa’s underwater world. I will also share how you and your family can experience this for yourselves.

My stories, articles, images and videos are intended to capture your imagination and showcase the beauty of Kenya to the world.

I provide a fresh perspective and focus on uplifting the country and wider continent by dispelling myths, providing inspiration and sharing unique experiences found nowhere else on earth.

I invite you to join me in this exciting journey. Are you ready?

Health warning: most people who are touched by the hidden magic of this elusive continent will develop a lifelong affinity with Africa which will keep them coming back for more!

How is this site different?

Honestly I was unsure about whether blogging would be a good thing to get into or not. I have played around with the idea for a while, as I love to write, take pictures and share my experiences. However, there are literally thousands of travel blogs out there, so I had some doubts about throwing another one into the mix.

I don’t simply want to join the proverbial blogging bandwagon. As you come to know me more, you will understand I am somebody who likes to be unique and stand out independently from the crowd, by doing my own things, following the road less travelled…

However, having done a fair bit of research, I feel confident that my ideas for this blog will provide something very different to what’s already out there.

For starters, it’s not another blog about backpacking around the world, which already makes it somewhat unique but here are 7 more ways that when combined together will make this website one of a kind.

  • It is focused purely on the continent of Africa.
  • It will predominantly cover Kenya but from time to time, I may do features about other African countries to bring some variety.
  • It is focused on family travel on a mid-range budget, who are seeking comfortable trips and affordable luxury travel.
  • All trips and recommendations are personally endorsed by myself, my family or trusted friends.
  • I will challenge common preconceptions about Kenya and provided a more balanced view than is often shared.
  • I will provide a ‘rounded’ and realistic view of Kenya, bringing the real story to the surface. My aim is to encourage you to make well-informed decisions.
  • I will be interviewing other travellers, local people, business owners and making connections with tourism boards to help raise the profile of Kenya and provide a cross-section of different perspectives for my readers.
  • Most of the content will be initially targeted at international family travellers. However, I am exploring how to incorporate content for intra-Africa and domestic Kenyan travellers too – watch this space!
Kenya - Masaai Mara
Family Travel Blog - Travel Tribe Africa

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