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Lions Bluff Lodge

Also feat. Leopards Lair, Cheetah Tented Camp and Cheetah Campsite.
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Epic Views

Set within the quiet 48,000 acre Lumo Conservancy, with unparallel views across Taita & Chyulu Hills and west towards Kilimanjaro.

Luxury Lodge

Lions Bluff is an exclusive, luxurious and eco-friendly lodge.

Additional Accommodation

Additional accommodation at Leopards Lair, Cheetah Tented Camp and Cheetah Campsite.


Children are welcome, with plenty of activities to keep them inspired by nature.

ESCAPE to the LUMO Community & Wildlife Conservancy.

Lions Bluff Lodge is a 12 room high end eco-lodge, suspended above an ancient elephant migratory corridor with stunning panoramic views across miles and miles of Kenyan parkland, including Kilimanjaro, The Taita Hills, the Lumo Community Sanctuary and the Tsavo eco-system.

The unrivalled location, set within 48,000 acres of private conservancy, together with breath-taking, uninterrupted views and exclusive game viewing makes your stay here a truly memorable experience.

Lumo Conservancy

Lumo Conservancy is a Community owned Wildlife Sanctuary.

The lodge and other accommodation options are located on the Mwapapa Hill (as named by the locals) and face west to Mount Kilimanjaro. Mwapapa’s expansive views extend all the way from the neighbouring Taita and Chyulu Hills to the the smoke-grey peaks of the Pare Mountains and further to Kilimanjaro and the Mkomazi and Usambara Mountains. Tsavo West National Park borders the conservancy for 18 kilometres. Unlike the KWS parks, night game drives are possible within Lumo.

Luxury eco-lodge

Welcome to Lions Bluff

Lions Bluff Lodge is a high end, luxurious eco-lodge, offering panoramic views, exquisite dining at the lodge or in the bush, game drives, experiential or cultural activities and a stunning infinity pool. The lodge supports conservation efforts and community-based, responsible tourism.

This is the ideal place for family safaris, anyone in search of peacefulness, nature lovers, private parties, passionate photographers and honeymooners alike.

Stay at Lions Bluff

Guest Rooms

There are 12 luxury suites in total, including:

  • 2 family rooms
  • 3 triples
  • 1 with wheelchair access
Accommodation options

Four camps in one

Alongside Lions Bluff Lodge, there are three alternative accommodation options, depending upon guests’ needs and travel style.



The sanctuary preserves a unique eco system rich with wildlife, encompassing one of Africa’s most ancient elephant migratory corridors and an important breeding site for lions.

From the 1,070 species of birds in Kenya, Tsavo West boasts 670 recorded species. In addition, the Lions Bluff area has several endemic species, such as the globally threatened Taita Thrush, Taita Apalis, Abbotts Starling and the Southern Banded Snake Eagle.



Experience Lions Bluff

Watch the Where Next Family Vlog of Lions Bluff Lodge

Explore each of the camps

Each of the four accommodation options provide a unique and memorable experience. Discover more about the benefits and features of each camp below.

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Lions Bluff Lodge

A 12 room luxury eco-lodge with spectacular views across the conservancy and beyond.

Leopards Lair

4 cottages are located on the Lions Bluff Kopje, with stunning views across the conservancy and beyond.

Cheetah Tented Camp

4 unique canvas tents overlook the stunning conservancy below, with a different perspective.

Cheetah Campsite

The perfect base for those who prefer to camp with their own equipment.

Photos are supplied by our partners Sunworld Safaris and are credited to various sources, including Where Next Family, Thorsten Hanewald, Jörg Reinecke, Paol Torchio and Federico Veronesi.

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