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Scuba Diving

Experience the magical underwater world!


Experience Africa from a whole new perspective.

Learn in the UK

UK clients can save precious time and learn before your trip.

Learn in Kenya

The option to learn with our partners in warm Indian Ocean waters!

Endless Opportunity

Diving opens a whole new world and a lifetime of adventures!

Experience Africa from a whole new perspective.

71% of the planet’s surface is water. Very few people have explored this vast and magical underwater world. With some of the best beaches and coastlines in the world, we want you to experience the very best of Africa, from beneath the waves!

If you’ve never dived before, we provide first class training in the UK (great for our UK clients) or through our partners in glorious Kenya’s Diani Beach.

Magical World

Experience the Magic Beneath the Waves

Scuba diving allows you to experience a whole new world, that most people have never seen! With some of the best coastline in the world, East Africa provides beautiful diving opportunities. Discover the crystal clear, warm Indian Ocean waters, colourful corals and a vast array of interesting marine life. With Kenyan beaches being a breeding ground, turtles are in abundance. Dolphins and even the mighty whale shark are also visitors to Kenyan waters.

Learn to Dive

Learn to Scuba Dive in the UK

The ideal option for our UK clients. Save precious time from your holiday and learn at your own pace in the UK. That way, you can simply enjoy scuba diving in Kenya as a certified diver! Our sister company, Scuba 2000 provides first class training in Leicestershire, England. We teach on a 2 : 1 student to instructor basis for maximum comfort and to provide the best experience. We will work with you to agree a schedule that meets yours.

Learn to Dive

Learn to Scuba Dive in Kenya

If you’re not based in the UK or would prefer to learn in better weather, we can also provide you with first class training in Diani Beach. Our partnership with Diani Marine makes this simple to arrange – either as part of a personalised itinerary or as a separate booking. To ensure you are in good hands, we have personally vetted the facilities, as well as quality of the instructors, teaching and equipment.


A world of opportunity

Once you’re certified, there’s a whole world to explore and a lifetime of adventures to be had. You may wish to explore more of African waters – such as the beautiful Egyptian Red Sea, which attracts divers from all over the world. The whole eastern and southern African coastline offers very special opportunities!

Certified Divers

Already Certified?

If you’re already a certified Open Water Diver or above, we can easily build in scuba diving options to all our Kenyan itineraries. We can also provide advice and connect you with reputable dive centres in Egypt and South Africa.

Diving in Diani
Diving in Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park

Be inspired. Here's a glimpse of the magical world below.

Learn to Scuba Dive Gallery

Here’s a few pictures of learning to scuba dive with us in the UK and with our partners in Diani, Kenya.

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