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Guest post by Peter Ngufor


The first time I went to Zanzibar was in November of 2011. As I was driven from the airport to my hotel I had a glance of what I half expected. A lush paradise that oozes of history and tradition whilst remaining true to itself! The place transports you through time and space in a way that makes you want to delve in deeper.

The history of Zanzibar and especially Stone Town is very unique and something that should be left for individual research. Stone Town is the oldest functioning city in East Africa and one that has preserved itself so well that it is now a UNESCO heritage site. But this is only the start as the islands that make up Zanzibar offer all that one would want from an island paradise; the Turquoise waters of the Indian ocean, white sandy beaches, lush tropical forests, great food and even greater people to name a few. It is no wonder that this place brought people from as far as Portugal, Arabia and Asia who also impacted the culture, language and food. I travel a lot but have found few places where you can experience this kind of rich melange of cultures.

I have since been to Zanzibar several times and tried to experience something new each time, but came to a realisation that there was a depth of the culture that maybe most visitors still did not get to experience. Many of us want to experience something authentic and different about a place yet these sorts of experiences are hard to find. This got me thinking and was the inspiration behind our company, Global Encountours.

About Global Encountours


Global Encountours offers unique indigenous experiences that immerse you into the rich cultural heritage in a way that most visitors do not get to experience. Our signature experience, the Kidichi Kitchen Experience, brings to life our ocean and farm to table concept making you an integral part of the activities from getting the ingredients through to a cooking masterclass using ancestral methods. It is an experience that is unique to us and has had numerous 5 star reviews on Tripadvisor. This experience is also family friendly, with activities for adults and children alike.

However, we do not only cater for tourists but do group activities as well which lend themselves very well to corporate away days. So, if you are planning on visiting Zanzibar be it as a tourist or an organisation looking to arrange a unique corporate away day, please contact us on

We would love to give you the most memorable experience of Zanzibar by stimulating all your senses and giving you the very best of Zanzibari hospitality.

Closing comments!

By Ayaan Chitty

This post is a little different than all of my other content on this site so far. For starters, it’s not about Kenya! As I started Travel Tribe Africa just over a year ago now, I thought wouldn’t it be nice to bring you a wider view of the magic of East Africa!?

Zanzibar seemed like the right place to begin! I’ve known Peter for several years and have watched him start and develop Global Encounters into a successful and professionally-run business.

Like almost all travel businesses across the world, 2020/21 has hit extremely hard. I therefore wanted to open up my platform to those who have worked closely with me,  been open to engagement or have been proactive in discussions about building a longer term partnership with myself and Travel Tribe Africa.

Zanzibar is certainly somewhere I’m hoping to visit some day soon. If you are planning a trip to this stunningly beautiful island, why not get in touch with Peter to see how he can help make your experience even more memorable?

In the meantime, watch out for future posts, stories and insights from others across the East Africa region!

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